Old Classics Never Die

As I said in my first post on this blog, I’m very late to the party. The few things I’ve shown you so far, are thing I made during the last 2 years (up until Christmas 2014). So today I thought I would show you what I’ve been knitting this last week.

For many years I’ve been all about recycling, hand-me-downs, second-hand shops etc. As a society we produce far too much trash, garbage, unnecessary crap. We buy new things, keep them for a year, and replace it all with new shiny object to make us feel fresh and new (no I’m not talking about everyone, I’m talking about us as a society). My favorite pair of shoes are 10 years old, my favorite jacket I bought in 2000 (I still have it and wear it!). Most of my furniture are hand-me-downs, 80% of my wardrobe are bought in second-hand shops. I don’t throw anything away, until it’s completely useless. Just a few months ago my boyfriend finally got me to accept my very first smart phone (again a hand-me-down), because my 8 year old mobile was finally starting to act up. All of my things have a history, they have lived a life with someone else, and now they live on in my life. I know it’s a silly sentiment, but at least I’m doing my part not to produce more garbage than necessary.

IMG_20150214_132726So anyway, enough rambling about trash. I collect jars (I don’t go out and buy empty jars =P). These are jars from the grocery shop, once filled with jam or tomato sauce, salsa, whatever you find in jars in the store. With a little bit of magic and yarn, you can transform boring glass jars into fun candle holders, pencil holders, vases or whatever your heart desires.


I’ve made myself some cute vases based on some of my most beloved creatures (I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I’m a HUGE horror fan). From left to right: Dracula, Frankentstein’s Monster and The Mummy =) They are knitting with cotton yarn on needlesize 3 (US sz 2.5). I’ve focused on the details which makes the creatures unquie; Draculas fangs and collar, Frankenstein’s Monster’s neck bolt and stichings and The Mummy’s bandages/wraps.



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