If You Want To Buy Some of My Stuff!

I’ve spent the last 6 weeks or so knitting socks and gloves and socks and some more socks =P My boyfriend’s mother thought I should sell some of my things during a market thingy this Summer, but I guess I’m not being very patient at the moment. So I thought I could try it out online first (of course after I’ve shown everyone I know about this blog, I’m keeping it to myself until I feel ready). I’m still having some issues figuring out PayPal, but I’m getting there. The whole “choose your button, what size, what should this say, how should this look” etc, drives me crazy. Maybe I’ll get my boyfriend to do it for me, seing as he is the computer wiz =D.

All the things I’m planning to put up for sale, is knitted with leftover yarn. EVERY single piece so far is of leftover yarn. That does not mean the quality is any less, nor does it mean it’s not wearable. It just makes the pieces more unique 😉

Anywhooo, I’ll be post my sale stuff in a few days.

Happy Birthday To Me!

So I guess today is my day, at least that’s what I’m being told =P I’m now 36 wonderful winters, and at 00:05am my boyfriend gave me a present. A wonderful book with knitting techniques and inspirations. I do spend a lot of time roaming through magazines, websites and books for knitting inspiration, so this is a most welcome addition to my collection =D


I also got this wonderful knitting book, filled with beautiful clothings. This was a gift from my boyfriend’s mother, Miss T =)


(the header in this post is from the movie Happy Birthday To Me from 1981, directed by J. Lee Thompson)

Cookie Monster FTW

My boyfriend is just as much a nerd as me, in his own territory of course. Our bookshelves are filled with horror, fantasy and D&D books, our movie and tv-show collection are dominated by horror/fantasy/sci-fi, my boyfriend has several houndred computer games. But most of all he is my cookie monster. Literaly! Put a box of cookies in front of him, and he’ll eat it all. If you’re not fast enough, you might not get a cookie =) So for his birthday last year, I had to give him a couple of cookie monsters.




A cookie monster throw pillow, knitted with double thread acrylic and nylon fake fur with needle size 4 (US sz 6), to give it that hairy look =)


A cookie monster beanie, for those cold winter days. It’s extremely warm, and knitted with the same yarns as the pillow.



Candle Holders

Since I just posted about my new friends The Monsters Vases, I thought it be fitting to show my other jar creations; the candle holders. Most of these have been given away for Christmas, a few I’ve kept for myself. Guess which I’ve kept =P

ble 127ble 130IMG_20141214_135341ble 129ble 128g 001

Not only can these jars be very decorative, it’s also a fun and easy way to try out new patterns (both easy and difficult). =)