Minions Part 2 – New additions to my army!

From time to time the most handsomestIMG_20150314_132548 man (a.k.a. my boyfriend)  will drop some yarn in my lap, and say something like “can you use this to make me…”. This time he brought me a yellow yarn ball, a pure Norwegian wool yarn called Troll (such a good name for a Norwegian yarn =D ), and a purple yarn ball called Lang Yarns Odeon,  and said “IIMG_20150316_141444 want you to make us some minions”. My boyfriend is a cute one, especially when he believes in my magical skills =P

I had to roam through my stash of leftover yarn to find the colors for the rest of the minions: jeans,IMG_20150316_141533 goggles, eyes, mouth, teeth, feet, hands and accessories. After some time looking at minion pictures and writing rough drafts, I started on my quest (the pink ball was initially for a tongue for the yellow one, but I changed my mind).



My boyfriend wanted theIMG_20150321_122342 minions to be the same size, and his youngest son challenge me to make a banana for the yellow one. His IMG_20150321_122531youngest troll always have a fun challenge for me when I’m knitting something he finds interesting =). I asked my significant other if he want the option to remove the banana for other objects, and he said yes. I had to tease him a little for that, and ask if he was going to play with the minions (this turned out to backfire on me, I was the one who ended up playing with them!).


IMG_20150321_122722That gave me the idea to makeIMG_20150321_122927 a maid costume for him. I sewed on push-on buttons in his hands, so he can IMG_20150321_122745change  whatever it is he’s holding. For now it’s only a banana and a feather duster. In the future I might make him the golf costume, or maybe the red wig and green dress outfit.


IMG_20150318_155758Since these minions are for personal use, I figured that the stuffing didn’t have to be top choice. So here is what I did, I stuffed them with scraps I’d saved up. When you’re done with a project, or you’ve unraveled a old project, save all your cut off ends. I keep mine in glass jars, and it can actually be used for different things. It took quite a lot of stuffing, they are about 33cm long and 36cm around.


I’ll eventually get around to writing down a pattern, if anyone is interested. For now I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures =).



Dusting time! My snow globes won’t clean themselves. By the way, we named this one Frank.


This one is named Igor! And yes, it’s because this is a horror fan household =P He’s trying to make friends with my plant, I have no idea how it’s going.


Igor and Frank playing chess. Frank isn’t the sharpest knife at the moment, he’s too focused on his banana (banana, Banana, BANANA!).


And finally, Frank and Igor are visiting Ms. Lenore for a crystal ball reading (Roman Dirge’s Lenore is by far the cutest dead girl I know). They brought some friends to the party =D.


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