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All Things I Can Sell

If You Want To Buy Some of My Stuff!

I’ve spent the last 6 weeks or so knitting socks and gloves and socks and some more socks =P My boyfriend’s mother thought I should sell some of my things during a market thingy this Summer, but I guess I’m not being very patient at the moment. So I thought I could try it out online first (of course after I’ve shown everyone I know about this blog, I’m keeping it to myself until I feel ready). I’m still having some issues figuring out PayPal, but I’m getting there. The whole “choose your button, what size, what should this say, how should this look” etc, drives me crazy. Maybe I’ll get my boyfriend to do it for me, seing as he is the computer wiz =D.

All the things I’m planning to put up for sale, is knitted with leftover yarn. EVERY single piece so far is of leftover yarn. That does not mean the quality is any less, nor does it mean it’s not wearable. It just makes the pieces more unique 😉

Anywhooo, I’ll be post my sale stuff in a few days.