I have mentioned that I am a horror fan in my “Old Classics Never Die” post, it is by far my favorite genre whether it’s movies, TV shows, comics, books, any kind of art. We all find our thing at some point in life, I found mine very early. I was in primary school when I started borrowing my dad’s Tales from the Crypt comics (Iskald Grøss in Norway), my favorite TV shows as a kid was Eerie Indiana and Are You Afraid of The Dark which was shown on Norway’s TV2 (we didn’t have cable TV until much later). The first horror movie I saw was Deathship, I was 8 years old and that movie gave me nightmares. There are many other things I like too, horror is just my favorite of all the things I like.

When it comes to monsters (non human living baddies), I hold zombies the highest. There are so many fun things being done in the zombie category; fast runners, slow walkers, cursed zombies, intelligence, hybrid zombies (zombies mixed with other elements, or sick people with attributes for the zombie world) etc. A few years back, my uncle KJ got me this awesome ZOMBIE COOKIE JAR, which I use for cookies and Halloween candy.


I’ve wanted a zombie messenger bag for a while now, and I’ve finally gotten around to it! I used my cookie jar as inspiration and of course leftover yarns. I started at the bottom, and knitted on circular needles with red (the blood), and continued with the zombie green.



I decided to not knit the mouth, nose, eyebrows or eyes. Instead I embroidered it on after (I really do need to practice on my embroidery skills).



IMG_20150226_142050I also knitted a tiny piece of brain, and sewed it on so it looks like there’s a hole in the head where some brain is coming out. I’ve also sewed in inner lining (in green of course), so it doesn’t stretch to the unrecognizable when it gets some weight in the bag.


I’m very satisfied with the end result, I finally have my zombie handbag! =D






Just A Few Knitting Websites I Use

There are so incredibly many knit related websites these days, you can find almost anything if you just take the time to look for it. At some point you just have to choose which sites satisfy your needs. On average I use 2 websites when I’m looking for inspiration or specific patterns, I also subscribe to 2 newsletters and follow up on some of my bookmarks. There aren’t really many sites I visit, because I’m so satisfied with the ones I use.

  1. Garnstudio: www.garnstudio.com

I do love this site, it was the first site I ever used for my knit cravings. All patterns are free, they have quite the selection and a wide range of items. There are also “knitting school”, instruction on how-to, you can buy yarn and many other things. It’s well worth the visit, just choose your language, and you’re in =)

  1. Ravelry: www.ravelry.com

My second favorite site. This is truly a big community of crafting. To enter you have to register, there is no fee so don’t worry. You need a login to visit all the wonderful things Ravelry have to offer. This is a site driven by its founders and the community. All I can say is visit the site, you won’t be disappointed =)

  1. Other site I visit:

http://www.knitty.com/ – free patterns magazine

http://www.twistcollective.com/ – magazine

http://www.yarnspirations.com/ – I subscribe

http://www.loveknitting.com/ – I subscribe

http://mysistersknitter.typepad.com/ – blog

https://tinyowlknits.wordpress.com/ – blog



Every now and then I’ll also check out “fashion” sites. IRodarte bag‘m not very fashionable, I don’t really care what the latest trends are even though I follow up on designers to see what they’re doing. I do however look for knitwear, and the Norwegian magazine MbyM (Made by Me) is a good inspiration for where to look online, and which major fashion designers who uses knitwear in their designs. My absolute favorite of late, is Rodarte’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection (I love Rodarte, and at some point I’m going to make the crochet handbag from this collection!).


Ølklapper – Beer Clapper

First off, beer clapper is not a real name for it. The Norwegian word ølklapper on the other hand is for real! I learned it on Monday (Feb. 16th), I had honestly never heard of this concept, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out what it is. It is a beer bag, a small beer bag you hang around your neck so you don’t have to carry your beer around. This allows you (when you’re at a concert/festival) to clap/applaud after songs, because your hands are not clammed around a glass/can/bottle of beer! =D How awesome is that!

I googled “ølklapper”, I also googled “beer bag”, “knitted beer bag” and “beer clapper”. The English words gave disappointing results, ølklapper gave good results (both articles, interviews and a lot of fun pictures).

Anywho. I was talking to one of my aunts (auntie K), and she had this special order. If I would be so kind and make 2 beer clappers for her and her husband. And of course I couldn’t resist, I mean I have never made a beer clapper in my life! =P

I decided to make felted beer clappers, felted items do not stretch when it gets some weight in it. I also decided to practice my embroidery skills (which I have little of, except cross stitching). I have also made removable straps so they can be replaced if they are too short/long, too itchy, or for whatever reasons.

IMG_20150219_171657IMG_20150219_171635The left beer clapper says “does your mother know you’re here”, the right one says “piss off” =)