Fun Socks For A Princess!

Once upon a time in a land far far away, lived a little princess called Fisefia. Princess Fisefia was not the ordinary 8 year old princess sitting on a throne next to her parents, wearing beautiful dresses. She was the kind of princess in beautiful dresses driving around on daddy’s tractor, milking cows and playing with her lovely dog Mick.

Not only was she a sweet princess in beautiful dresses, she was also a talented princess. She could spend hours and hours drawing amazing pictures, and making birthday cards and Christmas cards.
With a pretty smile and a cheerful laughter, she charmed everyone who was lucky enough to meet her.IMG_20150803_183119She was a fish in water and a monkey on land, climbing everything and everywhere.
Sometimes Princess Fisefia would dress up in common clothes, and disguise herself wearing wigs. That way she could walk among the ordinary people, and no one would know who she really was.


Princess Fisefia is everyone’s favorite princess, and one day she will rule the island of cows and sheep. Until then I hope these socks I will keep her feet warm =).20150724_203946

I used leftover yarn, and this pattern to make these socks (the pattern is free). Originally they were meant for someone else, but there is no way anyone can resist her puppy eyes =). Socks are very easy to knit, when you have knitted countless pairs in the past. The only “problem” I had knitting these socks, was how the 4 different threads of yarn always tangled. You’ll need to factor in a little more time knitting these, just because you’ll need time to untangle every now and then =). Other than that, this was an easy pattern to follow, and the result was pretty awesome.

It’s her birthday at the end of this month, and Princess Fisefia has of course requested a knitted gift. Which she will get, she is my princess after all =).


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