Just A Few More Socks!

4-5 weeks ago I started on a very complicated knitting project, but because of lack of confidence and a sudden appearance of Summer heat, I decided to put it aside and knit some easy and “ordinary” things. Like socks. You can never go wrong with socks. When I have nothing better to do, I knit socks (I wonder how many times I can say socks in this post =P).
At some point, when my confidence is back on track, I’ll get back to my secret project.

A while back I got 3 skeins of Verdi, a purple/green, blue/light blue/beige and red/black. With these 3 skeins, I’ve knitted a pair of slipper boots, slipper socks, 3 short sweaters, a red/black beanie and cowl (which you can read all about in this post), a dragon scarf, purple/green legwarmers (which are in this post), and now a pair of socks for myself using the red/black. You can really go crazy with just one of these skeins, there seems to be  no end to the skein =).

IMG_20150628_161801I used this pattern  (which isIMG_20150628_162156 free, like all Garnstudio patterns) for my socks, and I added a red glitter thread to make it sparkle a little =P. This pattern is really easy, and it’s a fun way to knit socks. I made mine a little bit shorter, and these socks are very soft and cozy =)

IMG_20150803_135529I also found this pattern,IMG_20150803_135643 which is basically the same as the sock pattern above. You knit it the same way, back and forth and then sew them together in the back. I used leftover yarn, and IMG_20150803_135602knitted 2 pairs of socks.IMG_20150803_135727
The purple and white socks might be a gift for someone special who has come back into my life, and it’s knitted with leftover yarn (the purple is the same I used for this cowl). So are the very colorful socks on the right, and I’m keeping them for myself. I wear wool socks pretty much all year long, so from time to time I need to make new ones for myself. There’s only so many times I can mend holes in my socks, before they have to go in the trash. I like my socks colorful, it matches my dark heart =).


IMG_20150803_135758I’ve also knitted a new beanie and matching wrist warmers, I haven’t decided if I’m keeping them for myself or giving them away. No pattern was used to knit these items, it was done freehand. No socks were knitted with this yarn either, I just thought I could show them off in this post =P.

My 18th mention of socks, will be (the 19th) my last post, where I showed the lovely socks (20) I made for a beautiful little princess =)



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