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More Minions!

I really can’t seem to get enough of Minions, they are just so adorable. Princess Fisefia loves them too, especially King Bob. It’s her birthday in less than 2 weeks, and she asked if I would make her some Minions for her birthday gift. She wanted a King Bob hat and a pair of socks with one eye on each, she was very specific in her request =).

20150818_144752King Bob is the wonderful little goofball in The Minions – The Movie, he’s kinda the baby of the group. He has different colored eyes, one brown and one blue. Or maybe it’s green instead of blue, I chose blue because that’s what Princess Fisefia said.

20150818_144809So here’s what I ended up20150818_144833 making, a hat and a pair
of slippers. The hat is knitted back and forth, and sewn together in the back. The eyes,IMG_20150808_182545 both on the hat and slippers are crocheted and sewn on. They will be sent in the mail today, so she’ll get them before it’s too late =).


Here’s the trailer for The Minion movie, if you haven’t seen it yet =).



An Assortment of Hats!

I’m not really a girly girl, I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy. Most of my friends are of the male gender, and a lot of times I’m referred to as “one of the boys”. Don’t get me wrong, I have a closet filled with dresses, and when the occasion calls for it, I’ll even throw in some jewelry. And for gods sake, do not touch my chocolate! I just don’t spend hours in front of the mirror putting on make-up and other really girly stuff. That’s not my thing, it never really was. I’m also the kind of person who would rather throw on a beanie than do my hair (it’s just so much easier!), and I’ve always been told at dinner tables “it’s bad manners to wear hats at the table”. In my head I’ll do rude gestures to the person talking to me, on the outside I’ll just blame it on a bad hair day =).

So here’s a selection of the hats currently in my possession. Mr. Bob-Igor Fluffy does not exist any more, so my new model is my zombie cookie jar (he can be used for so many things, I LOVE it!).


The piranha beanie I mentioned in my last post, and I’m very aware that a piranha is not striped. It’s called artistic freedom! For those of you too lazy to find the pattern in my other post, here it is one more time =).



A simple beanie knitted with alpaca wool (the green), and boulcé yarn from this company. The yarn was a gift from one of my aunts a few years back.




This little number says “Latescape”, and it’s just a very dorky way of saying “laziness”. Some of us Norwegian mortals do this thing where we mix the literal translation with the English word (and a little dorkiness), “laziness” in Norwegian is “latskap”. You do the math ;). Who would have thonked dorky translations could be so much fun!



This beanie is actually a gift from my grandmother, so I did not knit this one. It’s still part of my collection, and it would have felt left out if I didn’t show it.




These 2 beanies were knitted with leftover Lerke yarn I had laying around, and they are even comfortable during the Summer.





This beanie is knitted with Verdi yarn, and I used this pattern. It comes with a cowl as well. This has been my favorite beanie for some time now. I got three skeins of Verdi, and those skeins are BIG. You can almost knit an entire wardrobe with one of those. At least that’s what it feels like =).




If you’ve been here before, you’ve seen my 30 Rock hats. For those of you (that one 1 person) who’s here for the first time, here they are one more time. Oh, and here’s a link to the post they’re in =).



And for good measure, just because it’s my favorite hat in the whole wide world. I bought this years ago, and my grandmother wondered why on earth I would buy such a hat. Because it’s a moose! King of the forest! And it’s just plain fun, and deadly warm!





Lament Configuration!

I’ve been a fan of Clive Barker since…, well since forever. At least that’s what it feels like. He’s one of my favorite authors, and I realize that’s probably one of the biggest clichés ever. I don’t mind being a cliché, I love the man (his art, his books, his movies)! The first time I entered Clive Barker’s world, was when I saw Hellraiser. This was back in the good old days when we went to video rental stores, and picked out movies based on the cool covers. Every time my brother and I wanted to rent movies we weren’t old enough to see, the lady behind the counter would call our mom and ask if we were allowed to see it (yes I grew up in a very small town, where everyone knew each other). It took a while before I was allowed to see Hellraiser, but I got there eventually.
I don’t know how many times I’ve read Barker’s Books of Blood. I love his Books of Blood so much, there are now two copies of those books in the bookshelf . Well, kind of two copies.IMG_20150423_145739 When I got desperate a few years back, they only had volume 1-3 in one book, and 4-6 in separate books. I survived the ordeal, I’m still breathing =). As you can see, the top books are starting to fall apart, one is even taped! So when the inevitable happens, I have backups.


IMG_20150423_144408For years I’ve hinted to everyone I knew, that I wanted a Lament Configuration (it’s the pretty puzzle box from the Hellraiser movies). A friend of a friend had gotten a puzzle box like that for Valentine’s Day (maaaany years ago), with homemade anatomical heart and a note. I can’t remember what the note said, but it was probably something like “you’re my greatest pleasure”. What horror fanatic woman wouldn’t want that as a gift!? I still haven’t gotten my Valentine box, I’m patiently waiting. I did however get this wonderful box for my birthday a few years back, filled with horror DVD’s. It’s a big box, 27x27x27cm, and it was filled to the top =D.



So the time had come to take matters into my own hands, and knit my own Lament Configuration. With all the detail on the box, I made the pattern as easy as possible. I figured all the tiny little details would be easier to add after, with needle and thread. The pattern is not a true replica of the original box. I wanted the size of IMG_20150422_170754the box as close to the size in the movies, so I had to cheat a little with the pattern. With the needle size and yarn I used, there wasn’t enough room in the pattern to make it a perfect copy. It resembles the original Lament Configuration, and that’s good enough for me =). I even told some people I would have a Hellraiser marathon, but I couldn’t do it. There are after all 9 movies, and I only like a third of them =).



Luckily I have other Clive Barker adaptations to enjoy, I enjoy most of the Books of Blood movies (most of them, but not all). I skipped Candyman, because I revisited it not that long ago while I was in a Clive Barker mood. I did revisit Nightbreed, Lords of Illusion and Book of Blood. On a side note; I’m really looking forward to the adaptation of Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament. It’s such a good story, and the part of Jacqueline is being played by Lena Headey!


IMG_20150423_185406This is what the box looked like before I started on the tiny details. Inside there’s a cardboard box, I didn’t want it to be soft and squishy. It’s after all a box, it needs edges and corners.



IMG_20150424_153321Here’s the finished IMG_20150424_153222 project, my very own precious Lament Configuration. It’s about 10x10cm, an almost perfect fit for my tiny hand. It doesn’t open a portal to another realm (yet).



I was on such a roll, that I even made a tiny tiny Lament Configuration, I wanted to see if I could. And now I’m going to start on the second Lament Configuration. I promised a friend I would make one for him as well, if I was able to pull it off.


Here are some of the movies:
Hellraiser II
Book of Blood
Valerie On The Stairs & Haeckels Tale – Masters of Horror episodes
Lord of Illusions



Creepy Siamese Twins Doll! (horror movies included)

Meet May and Ida, Evil Ed’s sisters! They are the second doll in a long line of creatures I plan to make (a plan I’ve been working on for almost 2 weeks now =P). My plan is to make myself a Freak Show Circus! I have a clown and Siamese twins now, so I think I’m off to an ok start =). If anyone has any ideas to what kind of creatures a freak show circus should have, I’m open to suggestions. So far I’m thinking of a creepy old gypsy fortune teller (Drag Me To Hell), a weird magician who actually cuts people in half (The Wizard of Gore – 1970), and a circus director in the style of Michael J. Anderson (Carnivàle/Twin Peaks).

Like Evil Ed, May and Ida are named after something from the realm of horror, they are named after two of my favorite characters portrayed by the beautiful Angela Bettis. At the bottom of this post is a short list of movies =).


IMG_20150411_013947 This doll was a lot easier to knit than Evil Ed. Mostly because I had a plan before I started knitting, and I stuck to the plan. Like last time I knitted a doll, I looked for some inspiration for my project. I wanted Siamese twins, one body two heads, and I looked through my collection of horror movies. I found a few, and the first one I IMG_20150411_162122watched was Brian De Palma’s Sisters. I started off at the bottom this time, actually with a pair of socks. I picked up stitches along the top of the socks, and continued to knit the legs.



I’m a big fan of knitting as many pieces together,IMG_20150411_215735 instead of sewing what seems to be a million pieces together. What I did when the legs were long enough, was cast on new stitches between the legs, and continued knitting on double pin needles in a round. I did the same with the arms as I did from sock to legs. I picked up stitches along the holes I had made for the arms, and knitted! All I had to do from there was sew in any ends I had, and not having to worry about putting all the pieces together! I put the stitches for the necks on separate threads, I figured I would knit some clothes for them before the heads came on. At this point I had no idea how I wanted the heads and faces to look like. While I knitted the body, I watched Basket Case 1 & 2.


I decided that May and IdaIMG_20150420_194947 would be “pretty” girls, they like things that sparkle, they like to be feminine. They like to dress up and be quite girly. They have always been pretty girls, long before they died. I watched the movie Alone when I made the clothes, and quite fittingly the movie starts with the mother sewing a dress for her girls =D.


Evil Ed loves his sisters very much, they’re probably the only thing Evil Ed loves. Evil Ed wasn’t always evil. When May and Ida were still alive, Evil Ed was a fun loving clown. But then one day some people came and took May and Ida. They were freaks, and simple town folks think freaks are evil, and they killed May and Ida (those ignorant bastards)! Evil Ed lost it, and with some magical help got his sisters back. They are fully functional revenants with heightened psychic abilities. They don’t need any weapons to kill people, but sometimes big brother Ed lets his sisters borrow his meat cleaver =).





IMG_20150421_124200I also dug up this old comicIMG_20150421_124252 Iskald Grøss, the Norwegian equivalent of The Vault of Horror comic. It’s about a two headed man, who covers up his “bad self” in a basket he carries around. It’s a fun little story =)

A short movie list (they are all linked to IMDB):
Evil Ed – the inspiration for Evil Ed’s name
May – inspiration for the name May
Masters of Horror – “Sick Girl” – inspiration for the name Ida
Basket Case


30 Rock!

I’m a big tv show and movie fan, as is my boyfriend. Our movie collection are in the thousands, our tv show collection is huge! It might make us seem like boring people, spending most evenings catching up on our episodes and ever growing pile of movies we still haven’t seen. But we don’t care, we like being “boring”. My boyfriend also works for a cinematic company, so we get 2 free movie tickets for every movie we see at the movie theatre =D. True story, I asked my boyfriend to marry me weeks before we even started dating, when he told me he gets 2 free tickets for every movie through his workplace!

Horror is not the only thing that occupies my time, I like to be entertained, so I watch all kinds of things. I’m one of those who follow too many TV shows, so much so that I’ve even made a spreadsheet to keep track of everything!

I have a “thing” for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, specially their shows 30 Rock and Parks & Rec. I’ve also loved watching them hosting The Golden Globe awards!
30 Rock is by far one of my favorite comedy shows this last decade, there’s just something really nerdy about it =P I’m not going go into any details why I think this is such a great show, tv reviewers can do that. What I’d like to show are my two 30 Rock hats, based on Liz Lemon’s range of curse words.

For those of you unfamiliar with some of Liz’s 1phrases and words, here’s a little clip from YouTube:




Meet my head model Bob-Igor FluffyIMG_20150314_134000 (very long inside joke I have with my boyfriend’s oldest son =P). Mr. Fluffy will be my hat model until he passes gas, and dies!

IMG_20150314_133927This hat says “Blërg”, and it’s based onIMG_20150314_133944 Liz Lemon’s curse word “blerg”.  Blërg is also the name of her home office furniture from IKEA. I knitted it back and forth since the letters only go on the front side, and then sewed it together in the back. It’s knitted on needle size 6 (US size 10), with a mix of Fritidsgarn and Iglo (both are wool).






Here we have Mr. Fluffy in a stylish grey, green and purple beanie that says “jagweed”, one of the many things Liz calls her nerdy co-workers when she’s angry and stressed =) Knitted with a IMG_20150314_134418wool/acrylic blend on needle size 4 IMG_20150314_134437(US size 6), like the other one knitted back and forth, and then sewn together in the back.


Both of these are of course knitted with leftover yarn from my stash, it’s what I do ;P. For the letters I used Times New Roman and Fancy Alphabet from this site. If you can’t be bothered to draw up a chart of letters, you should check out the link =)






Scary plants!


IMG_20150409_140051Although Halloween is still months away, there’s no reason not to knit a flesh eating plant =D. For some reason I can never keep live plants for long. There’s this thing where I think a plant is going to die, and so I water them too much and I kill them…! I am a plant killer! I don’t mean to, I would love to have a small jungle in my home. I just seem to want to kill them all! =P I do however do a good job when I water other people’s plants, go figure… I have one plant, which I’m desperately trying to revive. It has start to bloom again, on one side. I doubt it’ll get through it though, but I haven’t given up yet!


So since I’m so good at killing plants, I’ve started to knit them instead. That way I can’t kill them, it is impossible to kill a fake plant (unless you find a pair of scissors and go crazy, which I won’t do!). I made this plant for Halloween a few years back, and my boyfriend and I liked it so much, it gets to see the light of day all year long. It’s no longer a IMG_20150409_140244Halloween plant, it’s our everyday plant =). I borrowed the idea from this lovely lady; Cyclops pot plant, when I one day googled knitted horror plants. I made a couple of changes, I wanted teeth on my plant, so I have two eyes and two mouths on mine.



A little hot tip for the soil part, is to use really old towels you’re going to throw out anyway. Those old towels that no one would ever use again, which have been taking up space at the bottom of your stack of hand towels =).


Here are some links to other fun knitted and crocheted plants (click on the images to go to the patterns):

Mario Bros. Piranha Plant by Janet Carrillo



 Piranha plant by Lupita Suarez



 Chomper from “Plants vs Zombies” by Olka Novitskaya



 Carnivine Pokemon by Katherine Homer



Sweet Halloween Pumpkin – NOT by Phoeny



And here are some not so scary with a big nerd factor =D:

Rooti the Mandrake Seedling by Britni Husband
(it’ll be like Pan’s Labyrinth!)



IMG_6020_medium2Baby_groot_-_free_crochet_pattern_medium2Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy! The left one is crocheted by Maarja Härsing-Värk, the right one is knitted by Meghan Munro.


You should also take the time to check out some of the others things these designers have made! =)

Evil clown (movie favorites included)

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I’m a horror fan, I’m a big horror fan! If I could, I would go on about how what and why I love horror. But I’m restraining myself as best I can not to go off topic (this is after all a knitting blog, not a movie blog).

On March 26th I watched Jon Watts/Eli Roth’s new horror movie Clown, it was an enjoyable time. I think the same day (or at least a day or two before or after I saw this movie), Fear Itself (an upcoming horror movie) introduced itself to me. So you could say I had a wave of inspiration, and I knew I had to make myself an evil clown. Evil clowns are so much fun, although I’ll admit there aren’t that many evil clown movies I actually like, mostly due to poor storylines and terrible acting.
During the process of making my clown, I’ve of course revisited some clown movies and TV shows, just to be in the zone. At the bottom of this post is a very short list of movies and TV show I’ve enjoyed, and the titles are all linked to IMBD.


My initial plan was to make evil clown heads, and hang them on my branch in my windowsill. But as soon as I had finished my first (and so far only) clown head, I realized it was too good to just be a head. It needed a body. I also realized that my head kind of resembled Pennywise, so I decided not to make him a big puffy yellow one piece suit. IMG_20150402_134236While I was making the head, I revisited season 2 of Psychoville which starts off with a clown funeral (not including the Halloween special episode). In Psychoville the main clown, Mr. Jelly, isn’t necessarily evil, he is just bitter and cynical, and has had really bad fortune. He lost his hand because of another clown/surgeon called Mr. Jolly, so Mr. Jelly has a hook for a hand (and a bag of hands for his tricks).


Since I started with the head, the rest of the knitting was very much a “lets guess how big the body needs to be, and just try until it fits”. It took 3 tries to get the pants the size I wanted, because I was dead set on having different colors on each leg. While I did those I watched one of my absolute favorite clown movies, Stitches! A 2012 Irish horror comedy starring the stand-up comedian Ross Noble.


IMG_20150403_030052While I knitted the jacket, the torso (for this I just picked up stitches around the top edge of the pants and knitted on dpn until it was long enough) and arms, I revisited the Masters of Horror episode “We all scream for ice cream”, and then I put on Stephen King’s IT. I sewed on the head and arms, and sewed in buttons on the jacket.



What was left on the clown now was feet, hands, teeth, eyes, and some other details on his clothes. The feet were easy enough, and when they were done, I played tippy toe with them on the table. It’s almost embarrassing how silly I can get when I’mIMG_20150403_190424 enjoying my knitting time. While I did the feet and sewed them on, I watched Amusement. It’s not really a clown movie, however the clown part of the movie is really good, and so is the rest ofIMG_20150403_190415 the
movie =D.



I had also made the decision to give him IMG_20150404_191051one hand and one hook. The hand was a bit of a nightmare to get right, but only because I wanted the clown to be able to open and close his hand. I knitted the fingers I-cord,  and stuffed pipe cleaners in them. It took a couple of tries, those skinny bastards kept bending and getting hooked on stitches. Of course this led to my boyfriend’s boys IMG_20150404_191132_1flipping each other off with my clown… They also made him answer the fake phone. I did it though, and now my evil clown can hold the meat cleaver I made for him. A blood dripping meat cleaver! It’s all in theIMG_20150404_191000 details you know ;). On his hook there is an eye ball, from his last victim!

This clown could have been made in a much easier way, but I don’t really care. I had a lot of fun while knitting it. Specially doing all the little details, like the eye ball, the teeth and eyes, to the insignificant but cheerful yellow polka dots on his blue jacket arm. He still needs to be named, an evil clown needs a good name. All suggestions are welcome =D

And here he is, my evil clown!

IMG_20150404_191213 IMG_20150404_191306IMG_20150404_190920

Some of my favorite clowns on the screen, and clown movies/TV shows (including those I’ve already mentioned in my post):

Psychoville (TV show)
Masters of Horror (TV show)
Killer clowns from outer space
Amusement (not a true clown movie, just one part of it)
Zombieland (not a true clown movie, the character Columbus has a fear of clowns, and meets a zombie clown in the end)
American Horror Story (season 5 “Freak Show” has the evil clown)
(was very scary when I saw it as a kid, not so much as an adult)
100 Tears

Minions Part 2 – New additions to my army!

From time to time the most handsomestIMG_20150314_132548 man (a.k.a. my boyfriend)  will drop some yarn in my lap, and say something like “can you use this to make me…”. This time he brought me a yellow yarn ball, a pure Norwegian wool yarn called Troll (such a good name for a Norwegian yarn =D ), and a purple yarn ball called Lang Yarns Odeon,  and said “IIMG_20150316_141444 want you to make us some minions”. My boyfriend is a cute one, especially when he believes in my magical skills =P

I had to roam through my stash of leftover yarn to find the colors for the rest of the minions: jeans,IMG_20150316_141533 goggles, eyes, mouth, teeth, feet, hands and accessories. After some time looking at minion pictures and writing rough drafts, I started on my quest (the pink ball was initially for a tongue for the yellow one, but I changed my mind).



My boyfriend wanted theIMG_20150321_122342 minions to be the same size, and his youngest son challenge me to make a banana for the yellow one. His IMG_20150321_122531youngest troll always have a fun challenge for me when I’m knitting something he finds interesting =). I asked my significant other if he want the option to remove the banana for other objects, and he said yes. I had to tease him a little for that, and ask if he was going to play with the minions (this turned out to backfire on me, I was the one who ended up playing with them!).


IMG_20150321_122722That gave me the idea to makeIMG_20150321_122927 a maid costume for him. I sewed on push-on buttons in his hands, so he can IMG_20150321_122745change  whatever it is he’s holding. For now it’s only a banana and a feather duster. In the future I might make him the golf costume, or maybe the red wig and green dress outfit.


IMG_20150318_155758Since these minions are for personal use, I figured that the stuffing didn’t have to be top choice. So here is what I did, I stuffed them with scraps I’d saved up. When you’re done with a project, or you’ve unraveled a old project, save all your cut off ends. I keep mine in glass jars, and it can actually be used for different things. It took quite a lot of stuffing, they are about 33cm long and 36cm around.


I’ll eventually get around to writing down a pattern, if anyone is interested. For now I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures =).



Dusting time! My snow globes won’t clean themselves. By the way, we named this one Frank.


This one is named Igor! And yes, it’s because this is a horror fan household =P He’s trying to make friends with my plant, I have no idea how it’s going.


Igor and Frank playing chess. Frank isn’t the sharpest knife at the moment, he’s too focused on his banana (banana, Banana, BANANA!).


And finally, Frank and Igor are visiting Ms. Lenore for a crystal ball reading (Roman Dirge’s Lenore is by far the cutest dead girl I know). They brought some friends to the party =D.

Space Invaders!

Way waaaay back in the 1980’s, I played ALOT of arcade games. In my home town there was (as far as I can remember) a huge arcade room next to a café, and they had Space Invaders. I was also lucky in that my dad worked at a place that had a huge arcade place, where I would spend a few hours a day, playing The Simpsons, Batman, Terminator pinball, and all kinds of arcade games. My uncle also had a Commodore 64, my favorite games were Winter Games, Paper Boy and Ghostbusters =P

space_invader_table1I don’t remember what type of table it was, but it looked something like this. Of course it looked more 80′ than this picture, but it’s not easy to remember what something looked like more than 20 years ago.


So when I found this booklet, I was deliriously happy. For those of you unfamiliar with “Marius” pattern, it’s a traditional Norwegian pattern. What Arne & Carlos have done, is take that pattern and turned it into a modern nerdy version, and I love it! And I’m not the only one. A Google IMG_20150308_152453search shows all these beautiful sweaters and hats and all other kinds of knitted Space Invaders.


My Space Invaders jacket looks like this:

Høyre framside

Innside rygg





I chose to make mine in purple and blue’s, and I made it to a jacket with buttons. The picture on the right is the inside of the jacket =) It’s knitted with Falk yarn.



At some point I’m planning on making a Space Invaders handbag too, I’ve wanted one for some time, ever since I saw this. In time, I just have to finish all the other millions of ideas I have =P



I have mentioned that I am a horror fan in my “Old Classics Never Die” post, it is by far my favorite genre whether it’s movies, TV shows, comics, books, any kind of art. We all find our thing at some point in life, I found mine very early. I was in primary school when I started borrowing my dad’s Tales from the Crypt comics (Iskald Grøss in Norway), my favorite TV shows as a kid was Eerie Indiana and Are You Afraid of The Dark which was shown on Norway’s TV2 (we didn’t have cable TV until much later). The first horror movie I saw was Deathship, I was 8 years old and that movie gave me nightmares. There are many other things I like too, horror is just my favorite of all the things I like.

When it comes to monsters (non human living baddies), I hold zombies the highest. There are so many fun things being done in the zombie category; fast runners, slow walkers, cursed zombies, intelligence, hybrid zombies (zombies mixed with other elements, or sick people with attributes for the zombie world) etc. A few years back, my uncle KJ got me this awesome ZOMBIE COOKIE JAR, which I use for cookies and Halloween candy.


I’ve wanted a zombie messenger bag for a while now, and I’ve finally gotten around to it! I used my cookie jar as inspiration and of course leftover yarns. I started at the bottom, and knitted on circular needles with red (the blood), and continued with the zombie green.



I decided to not knit the mouth, nose, eyebrows or eyes. Instead I embroidered it on after (I really do need to practice on my embroidery skills).



IMG_20150226_142050I also knitted a tiny piece of brain, and sewed it on so it looks like there’s a hole in the head where some brain is coming out. I’ve also sewed in inner lining (in green of course), so it doesn’t stretch to the unrecognizable when it gets some weight in the bag.


I’m very satisfied with the end result, I finally have my zombie handbag! =D