Candle Holders

Since I just posted about my new friends The Monsters Vases, I thought it be fitting to show my other jar creations; the candle holders. Most of these have been given away for Christmas, a few I’ve kept for myself. Guess which I’ve kept =P

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Not only can these jars be very decorative, it’s also a fun and easy way to try out new patterns (both easy and difficult). =)


Old Classics Never Die

As I said in my first post on this blog, I’m very late to the party. The few things I’ve shown you so far, are thing I made during the last 2 years (up until Christmas 2014). So today I thought I would show you what I’ve been knitting this last week.

For many years I’ve been all about recycling, hand-me-downs, second-hand shops etc. As a society we produce far too much trash, garbage, unnecessary crap. We buy new things, keep them for a year, and replace it all with new shiny object to make us feel fresh and new (no I’m not talking about everyone, I’m talking about us as a society). My favorite pair of shoes are 10 years old, my favorite jacket I bought in 2000 (I still have it and wear it!). Most of my furniture are hand-me-downs, 80% of my wardrobe are bought in second-hand shops. I don’t throw anything away, until it’s completely useless. Just a few months ago my boyfriend finally got me to accept my very first smart phone (again a hand-me-down), because my 8 year old mobile was finally starting to act up. All of my things have a history, they have lived a life with someone else, and now they live on in my life. I know it’s a silly sentiment, but at least I’m doing my part not to produce more garbage than necessary.

IMG_20150214_132726So anyway, enough rambling about trash. I collect jars (I don’t go out and buy empty jars =P). These are jars from the grocery shop, once filled with jam or tomato sauce, salsa, whatever you find in jars in the store. With a little bit of magic and yarn, you can transform boring glass jars into fun candle holders, pencil holders, vases or whatever your heart desires.


I’ve made myself some cute vases based on some of my most beloved creatures (I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I’m a HUGE horror fan). From left to right: Dracula, Frankentstein’s Monster and The Mummy =) They are knitting with cotton yarn on needlesize 3 (US sz 2.5). I’ve focused on the details which makes the creatures unquie; Draculas fangs and collar, Frankenstein’s Monster’s neck bolt and stichings and The Mummy’s bandages/wraps.



So much yarn

Recently (the last couple of years), I have started to gather up an insane amount of leftover yarns. I’m sure all knitters have a secret stash of yarn, just laying there waiting to be thought of.  It’s not all mine though, a few of the ladies in my family have generously given me bags and bags of yarn they no longer have any use for. This does not make me sad at all, I’ve found great joy in the challenge of knitting with mixed yarns. A year ago I also got this book for Christmas, as an inspiration (Knitting and crocheting with leftover yarn). Making wearable unique items with leftover yarn is truly fun, so I’ve actually made several items combining various types of yarn.





Here are a few items I’ve made using all kinds of different yarns =)

ble 093


This poncho I made for myself some time ago, and it’s a mix of cotton- and wool yarn. It’s pretty much a mix of everything. Every colored stripe has it’s own pattern, either ribbed or hole patterns. Knitted with big needles (sz9/US sz13), the poncho was a quick project.



ble 094


Owl hats, both were gifts for Christmas 2 years ago. I combined yarns to get one thick thread, to make them thick and warm. The eyes and beaks are chrocheted, and the perles sown in after.


woot 004


Birthday gift for my boyfriend’s mother. She was the one who gave me the knitting book (at the top of this post), and this long sleeveless coat is from the book. This was a fun and exhausting project. Each patch is knitted with their respected needle size, and then sown together.



take1 002


Inspied by the white coat, I had to make one for myself. I’m more colorful on the inside, so I just went for it with colors. I also added pockets and a hood.





Advent Calendar 2013

In the year 2013 I made advent calendars for two sweet little trolls, my best friend’s daughters. It was quite the project, 2×24 little creatures had to be created. Most of my inspiration was found on, and a bag full of leftover yarns was used for this project. In the mix there are dragons, lions, owls, kiwi birds, robots, aliens, hand puppets, finger puppet, elephants, frogs, penguins, cats, ghosts, devils, hearts, light bulbs, stars, mice and snowmen. Here are some pictures (not the best quality pics, but they’ll do).  =)

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I am a BIG fan of the Minions, from the movies Despicable me 1 & 2. Like many of the animated movies these days, the sidekicks in the films are hilarious. Even more so than the main characters. So as the nerd I am, I’ve knitted a few minions to some people, while I’m waiting for the Minion movie to come out! (and yes, I’m also planning on making my own army of minions, for when I take over the world ;P )




This cute throw pillow was a Christmas gift for my uncle (he is just as much of a nerd as me). It’s knitted with acrylic yarn, with buttons up in the back, so it’s easy for wash. The pupils are black buttons. The Batman potholders are a soft cotton yarn.



ble 035


This cute little number is an Ipad cover, for a friend (also for Christmas). Also knitted with acrylic yarn, for easy mashine wash.







Minions Part 2 – New Additions To My Army




I'm a nerdy female of 36 winters who love to knit! Most days are spent with knitting needles in my hands =)

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