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More Minions!

I really can’t seem to get enough of Minions, they are just so adorable. Princess Fisefia loves them too, especially King Bob. It’s her birthday in less than 2 weeks, and she asked if I would make her some Minions for her birthday gift. She wanted a King Bob hat and a pair of socks with one eye on each, she was very specific in her request =).

20150818_144752King Bob is the wonderful little goofball in The Minions – The Movie, he’s kinda the baby of the group. He has different colored eyes, one brown and one blue. Or maybe it’s green instead of blue, I chose blue because that’s what Princess Fisefia said.

20150818_144809So here’s what I ended up20150818_144833 making, a hat and a pair
of slippers. The hat is knitted back and forth, and sewn together in the back. The eyes,IMG_20150808_182545 both on the hat and slippers are crocheted and sewn on. They will be sent in the mail today, so she’ll get them before it’s too late =).


Here’s the trailer for The Minion movie, if you haven’t seen it yet =).



Handbags, tablet- and cellphone covers!

I haven’t been too active on the knitting front this last week or so. Sometimes life gets in the way, and you have to priorities. That’s what I’m doing these days. So when it comes to knitting, I don’t have anything new to show you. Instead I’ll show you a few bags and purses I’ve given to people as Christmas gifts.

I have made a few handbags, Ipad/tablet covers and cellphone covers as Christmas gift these last couple of years. I do like to give handmade gifts, and for some reason it seems like people like getting them =). In the past I haven’t remembered to take pictures of all the things I’ve made. Here are some of the bags I’ve made and remembered to photograph =P.


Tablet/Ipad covers:

ble 036

This purple shirt and yellow tie is a tablet cover. It’s knitted with a wool/acrylic yarn, so it can be machine washed. It was a gift to a very busy and important man (he really is, working at the University and reviewing books for one of the big newspapers here), so I thought he needed something business like =)


Ipad minion

This Ipad cover is also in the post Minions. It was a Christmas gift to a very dear friend of mine. Funny story is that he had just replaced his Ipad, so he had my permission to give it to someone else for Christmas =).





ble 089

This handbag was a Christmas gift for a lovely lady, in 2012. It’s knitted with Eskimo yarn, and then felted. Like me she has a very colorful and unique style, which I absolutely love. So I thought she would like a colorful handbag. The pattern I used is this, with a few changes. I used a different type of yarn (Eskimo), and of course different colors. Eskimo felts a bit different than Alaska, which is why it looks so different.


ble 106

This handbag was a Christmas gift for the oldest daughter of my best friend. I used this pattern , which is free on Ravelry. The blue yarn is a cotton blend, while the green is Eskimo yarn. I also added some “bling”, just for kicks =)



These two IMG_20140709_234256messenger bags was a Christmas gift last year (2014), for my best friend’s daughters. The blue one is knitted with a cotton yarn, the pattern is moss stitching and a simple cable running along the sides and up the strap.The “rainbow” handbag is knitted with leftover yarn (so a mix of everything). I knitted rows and sewed them together. Both bags have inner linings and pockets. IMG_20140709_234216




Mobile covers:


This cute little number is of course a cellphone cover. Also a gift to a very important guy (he invents life saving medical doodads).



1012095_10153088190705259_6259644982136744009_nAnd then there was the Hulk! Of all the superheroes I know of, Hulk is one of the few I like, I love me some green anger. This was a Christmas gift to a friend I’ve known for 23 years now, and he is not at all big, green and angry. He’s a cuddly goofy man with a big heart, so I gave him a superhero to look after him =)


I’ve also made an Ironman cover, but as I’ve mentioned I don’t always remember to take pictures of the things I make. If I get a picture, I’ll  be sure to edit it in here =).



An Assortment of Hats!

I’m not really a girly girl, I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy. Most of my friends are of the male gender, and a lot of times I’m referred to as “one of the boys”. Don’t get me wrong, I have a closet filled with dresses, and when the occasion calls for it, I’ll even throw in some jewelry. And for gods sake, do not touch my chocolate! I just don’t spend hours in front of the mirror putting on make-up and other really girly stuff. That’s not my thing, it never really was. I’m also the kind of person who would rather throw on a beanie than do my hair (it’s just so much easier!), and I’ve always been told at dinner tables “it’s bad manners to wear hats at the table”. In my head I’ll do rude gestures to the person talking to me, on the outside I’ll just blame it on a bad hair day =).

So here’s a selection of the hats currently in my possession. Mr. Bob-Igor Fluffy does not exist any more, so my new model is my zombie cookie jar (he can be used for so many things, I LOVE it!).


The piranha beanie I mentioned in my last post, and I’m very aware that a piranha is not striped. It’s called artistic freedom! For those of you too lazy to find the pattern in my other post, here it is one more time =).



A simple beanie knitted with alpaca wool (the green), and boulcé yarn from this company. The yarn was a gift from one of my aunts a few years back.




This little number says “Latescape”, and it’s just a very dorky way of saying “laziness”. Some of us Norwegian mortals do this thing where we mix the literal translation with the English word (and a little dorkiness), “laziness” in Norwegian is “latskap”. You do the math ;). Who would have thonked dorky translations could be so much fun!



This beanie is actually a gift from my grandmother, so I did not knit this one. It’s still part of my collection, and it would have felt left out if I didn’t show it.




These 2 beanies were knitted with leftover Lerke yarn I had laying around, and they are even comfortable during the Summer.





This beanie is knitted with Verdi yarn, and I used this pattern. It comes with a cowl as well. This has been my favorite beanie for some time now. I got three skeins of Verdi, and those skeins are BIG. You can almost knit an entire wardrobe with one of those. At least that’s what it feels like =).




If you’ve been here before, you’ve seen my 30 Rock hats. For those of you (that one 1 person) who’s here for the first time, here they are one more time. Oh, and here’s a link to the post they’re in =).



And for good measure, just because it’s my favorite hat in the whole wide world. I bought this years ago, and my grandmother wondered why on earth I would buy such a hat. Because it’s a moose! King of the forest! And it’s just plain fun, and deadly warm!





30 Rock!

I’m a big tv show and movie fan, as is my boyfriend. Our movie collection are in the thousands, our tv show collection is huge! It might make us seem like boring people, spending most evenings catching up on our episodes and ever growing pile of movies we still haven’t seen. But we don’t care, we like being “boring”. My boyfriend also works for a cinematic company, so we get 2 free movie tickets for every movie we see at the movie theatre =D. True story, I asked my boyfriend to marry me weeks before we even started dating, when he told me he gets 2 free tickets for every movie through his workplace!

Horror is not the only thing that occupies my time, I like to be entertained, so I watch all kinds of things. I’m one of those who follow too many TV shows, so much so that I’ve even made a spreadsheet to keep track of everything!

I have a “thing” for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, specially their shows 30 Rock and Parks & Rec. I’ve also loved watching them hosting The Golden Globe awards!
30 Rock is by far one of my favorite comedy shows this last decade, there’s just something really nerdy about it =P I’m not going go into any details why I think this is such a great show, tv reviewers can do that. What I’d like to show are my two 30 Rock hats, based on Liz Lemon’s range of curse words.

For those of you unfamiliar with some of Liz’s 1phrases and words, here’s a little clip from YouTube:




Meet my head model Bob-Igor FluffyIMG_20150314_134000 (very long inside joke I have with my boyfriend’s oldest son =P). Mr. Fluffy will be my hat model until he passes gas, and dies!

IMG_20150314_133927This hat says “Blërg”, and it’s based onIMG_20150314_133944 Liz Lemon’s curse word “blerg”.  Blërg is also the name of her home office furniture from IKEA. I knitted it back and forth since the letters only go on the front side, and then sewed it together in the back. It’s knitted on needle size 6 (US size 10), with a mix of Fritidsgarn and Iglo (both are wool).






Here we have Mr. Fluffy in a stylish grey, green and purple beanie that says “jagweed”, one of the many things Liz calls her nerdy co-workers when she’s angry and stressed =) Knitted with a IMG_20150314_134418wool/acrylic blend on needle size 4 IMG_20150314_134437(US size 6), like the other one knitted back and forth, and then sewn together in the back.


Both of these are of course knitted with leftover yarn from my stash, it’s what I do ;P. For the letters I used Times New Roman and Fancy Alphabet from this site. If you can’t be bothered to draw up a chart of letters, you should check out the link =)






Minions Part 2 – New additions to my army!

From time to time the most handsomestIMG_20150314_132548 man (a.k.a. my boyfriend)  will drop some yarn in my lap, and say something like “can you use this to make me…”. This time he brought me a yellow yarn ball, a pure Norwegian wool yarn called Troll (such a good name for a Norwegian yarn =D ), and a purple yarn ball called Lang Yarns Odeon,  and said “IIMG_20150316_141444 want you to make us some minions”. My boyfriend is a cute one, especially when he believes in my magical skills =P

I had to roam through my stash of leftover yarn to find the colors for the rest of the minions: jeans,IMG_20150316_141533 goggles, eyes, mouth, teeth, feet, hands and accessories. After some time looking at minion pictures and writing rough drafts, I started on my quest (the pink ball was initially for a tongue for the yellow one, but I changed my mind).



My boyfriend wanted theIMG_20150321_122342 minions to be the same size, and his youngest son challenge me to make a banana for the yellow one. His IMG_20150321_122531youngest troll always have a fun challenge for me when I’m knitting something he finds interesting =). I asked my significant other if he want the option to remove the banana for other objects, and he said yes. I had to tease him a little for that, and ask if he was going to play with the minions (this turned out to backfire on me, I was the one who ended up playing with them!).


IMG_20150321_122722That gave me the idea to makeIMG_20150321_122927 a maid costume for him. I sewed on push-on buttons in his hands, so he can IMG_20150321_122745change  whatever it is he’s holding. For now it’s only a banana and a feather duster. In the future I might make him the golf costume, or maybe the red wig and green dress outfit.


IMG_20150318_155758Since these minions are for personal use, I figured that the stuffing didn’t have to be top choice. So here is what I did, I stuffed them with scraps I’d saved up. When you’re done with a project, or you’ve unraveled a old project, save all your cut off ends. I keep mine in glass jars, and it can actually be used for different things. It took quite a lot of stuffing, they are about 33cm long and 36cm around.


I’ll eventually get around to writing down a pattern, if anyone is interested. For now I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures =).



Dusting time! My snow globes won’t clean themselves. By the way, we named this one Frank.


This one is named Igor! And yes, it’s because this is a horror fan household =P He’s trying to make friends with my plant, I have no idea how it’s going.


Igor and Frank playing chess. Frank isn’t the sharpest knife at the moment, he’s too focused on his banana (banana, Banana, BANANA!).


And finally, Frank and Igor are visiting Ms. Lenore for a crystal ball reading (Roman Dirge’s Lenore is by far the cutest dead girl I know). They brought some friends to the party =D.

Space Invaders!

Way waaaay back in the 1980’s, I played ALOT of arcade games. In my home town there was (as far as I can remember) a huge arcade room next to a café, and they had Space Invaders. I was also lucky in that my dad worked at a place that had a huge arcade place, where I would spend a few hours a day, playing The Simpsons, Batman, Terminator pinball, and all kinds of arcade games. My uncle also had a Commodore 64, my favorite games were Winter Games, Paper Boy and Ghostbusters =P

space_invader_table1I don’t remember what type of table it was, but it looked something like this. Of course it looked more 80′ than this picture, but it’s not easy to remember what something looked like more than 20 years ago.


So when I found this booklet, I was deliriously happy. For those of you unfamiliar with “Marius” pattern, it’s a traditional Norwegian pattern. What Arne & Carlos have done, is take that pattern and turned it into a modern nerdy version, and I love it! And I’m not the only one. A Google IMG_20150308_152453search shows all these beautiful sweaters and hats and all other kinds of knitted Space Invaders.


My Space Invaders jacket looks like this:

Høyre framside

Innside rygg





I chose to make mine in purple and blue’s, and I made it to a jacket with buttons. The picture on the right is the inside of the jacket =) It’s knitted with Falk yarn.



At some point I’m planning on making a Space Invaders handbag too, I’ve wanted one for some time, ever since I saw this. In time, I just have to finish all the other millions of ideas I have =P


Cookie Monster FTW

My boyfriend is just as much a nerd as me, in his own territory of course. Our bookshelves are filled with horror, fantasy and D&D books, our movie and tv-show collection are dominated by horror/fantasy/sci-fi, my boyfriend has several houndred computer games. But most of all he is my cookie monster. Literaly! Put a box of cookies in front of him, and he’ll eat it all. If you’re not fast enough, you might not get a cookie =) So for his birthday last year, I had to give him a couple of cookie monsters.




A cookie monster throw pillow, knitted with double thread acrylic and nylon fake fur with needle size 4 (US sz 6), to give it that hairy look =)


A cookie monster beanie, for those cold winter days. It’s extremely warm, and knitted with the same yarns as the pillow.




I am a BIG fan of the Minions, from the movies Despicable me 1 & 2. Like many of the animated movies these days, the sidekicks in the films are hilarious. Even more so than the main characters. So as the nerd I am, I’ve knitted a few minions to some people, while I’m waiting for the Minion movie to come out! (and yes, I’m also planning on making my own army of minions, for when I take over the world ;P )




This cute throw pillow was a Christmas gift for my uncle (he is just as much of a nerd as me). It’s knitted with acrylic yarn, with buttons up in the back, so it’s easy for wash. The pupils are black buttons. The Batman potholders are a soft cotton yarn.



ble 035


This cute little number is an Ipad cover, for a friend (also for Christmas). Also knitted with acrylic yarn, for easy mashine wash.







Minions Part 2 – New Additions To My Army