More Minions!

I really can’t seem to get enough of Minions, they are just so adorable. Princess Fisefia loves them too, especially King Bob. It’s her birthday in less than 2 weeks, and she asked if I would make her some Minions for her birthday gift. She wanted a King Bob hat and a pair of socks with one eye on each, she was very specific in her request =).

20150818_144752King Bob is the wonderful little goofball in The Minions – The Movie, he’s kinda the baby of the group. He has different colored eyes, one brown and one blue. Or maybe it’s green instead of blue, I chose blue because that’s what Princess Fisefia said.

20150818_144809So here’s what I ended up20150818_144833 making, a hat and a pair
of slippers. The hat is knitted back and forth, and sewn together in the back. The eyes,IMG_20150808_182545 both on the hat and slippers are crocheted and sewn on. They will be sent in the mail today, so she’ll get them before it’s too late =).


Here’s the trailer for The Minion movie, if you haven’t seen it yet =).



Christmas Has Come Early This Year!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I come from a creative family, where a lot of them like to work with their hands in some way (specially the women, there’s a lot of women in my family!). My grandmother learned to sew and embroider when she was just a little girl, she would sew her own clothes. Not only did she sew, she also knitted. She always favored sewing and embroidering, she was so good you couldn’t tell which side was the inside and which was the outside of whatever she was making. Unfortunately her hands aren’t fit for sewing any more, but she is always available for help and advice when it comes to embroidery and knitting.
My mother was at one point just as good, and I remember she made these beautiful embroidered pictures of flowers in 3D (yes 3D). I would always run my fingers over those portraits (I loved how they felt), and of course I was always told to keep my hands off them. She also knitted amazing pieces, my favorite was a Hardanger_bringeduk_helfigskirt and sweater she made for me in black and white, and leopard print pattern. When I was 15, mother made me a National dress (bunad in Norwegian) for my “coming-of-age” confirmation thing. My dress looks something like this, it’s a Hardanger bunad. I don’t have my dress at hand, so this picture I found on the interwebs will have to do. A few of my aunts are knit fiends, some of them like to sew, it really does run in the family.

20150723_124837The 2 aunts who knit are so sweet, not only do they bother to read this little blog of mine, they also keep me stocked up on yarn. About a year ago (maybe a year and a half)I got a big bag of yarn from one of them, and this year the other  one had gone through her 20150723_141712stack of leftovers to see if she had any for me. And lo and behold the mountain of yarn she gave me. This black plastic bag is a big garbage bag, completely full of delightful surprises. There were so much, I couldn’t fit it all in my luggage, and about half IMG_20150805_184211of it was sent in the mail. It arrived this week, and I’ve spent 9 glorious hours sorting and organizing it all. Some of the skeins didn’t have their tag on anymore, so I played the guessing game so that they ended up in the right piles. Here’s a “short” list of some of the yarn I got, and to my sweet aunt: THANK YOU!!!

Mandarin Petit, Classic, Soft.
Drops Alpaca, Cotton Viscose, Muskat, Kid-Silk, Karisma, Paris, Fabel, Bomull/Lin.
Dalegarn Falk, Freestyle, Magnolia.
Idena Juvel, Sport, Bambino Ull.
Sandnes Silk Mohair, Fritidsgarn.
Peer Gynt, Camomille, Gjestdal Orkid Luxuspels, Sisu, Labbetuss Raggegarn (Trysil Garn), Pingouin Pingorex Baby, PT2, PT4, PT5, Smart Superwash, PT Sumatra, Kitten Mohair, Monark Superwash, Silja Strømpegarn, Baby Superwash, Lanett Superwash, Topp ´t Tå.


Just A Few More Socks!

4-5 weeks ago I started on a very complicated knitting project, but because of lack of confidence and a sudden appearance of Summer heat, I decided to put it aside and knit some easy and “ordinary” things. Like socks. You can never go wrong with socks. When I have nothing better to do, I knit socks (I wonder how many times I can say socks in this post =P).
At some point, when my confidence is back on track, I’ll get back to my secret project.

A while back I got 3 skeins of Verdi, a purple/green, blue/light blue/beige and red/black. With these 3 skeins, I’ve knitted a pair of slipper boots, slipper socks, 3 short sweaters, a red/black beanie and cowl (which you can read all about in this post), a dragon scarf, purple/green legwarmers (which are in this post), and now a pair of socks for myself using the red/black. You can really go crazy with just one of these skeins, there seems to be  no end to the skein =).

IMG_20150628_161801I used this pattern  (which isIMG_20150628_162156 free, like all Garnstudio patterns) for my socks, and I added a red glitter thread to make it sparkle a little =P. This pattern is really easy, and it’s a fun way to knit socks. I made mine a little bit shorter, and these socks are very soft and cozy =)

IMG_20150803_135529I also found this pattern,IMG_20150803_135643 which is basically the same as the sock pattern above. You knit it the same way, back and forth and then sew them together in the back. I used leftover yarn, and IMG_20150803_135602knitted 2 pairs of socks.IMG_20150803_135727
The purple and white socks might be a gift for someone special who has come back into my life, and it’s knitted with leftover yarn (the purple is the same I used for this cowl). So are the very colorful socks on the right, and I’m keeping them for myself. I wear wool socks pretty much all year long, so from time to time I need to make new ones for myself. There’s only so many times I can mend holes in my socks, before they have to go in the trash. I like my socks colorful, it matches my dark heart =).


IMG_20150803_135758I’ve also knitted a new beanie and matching wrist warmers, I haven’t decided if I’m keeping them for myself or giving them away. No pattern was used to knit these items, it was done freehand. No socks were knitted with this yarn either, I just thought I could show them off in this post =P.

My 18th mention of socks, will be (the 19th) my last post, where I showed the lovely socks (20) I made for a beautiful little princess =)



Fun Socks For A Princess!

Once upon a time in a land far far away, lived a little princess called Fisefia. Princess Fisefia was not the ordinary 8 year old princess sitting on a throne next to her parents, wearing beautiful dresses. She was the kind of princess in beautiful dresses driving around on daddy’s tractor, milking cows and playing with her lovely dog Mick.

Not only was she a sweet princess in beautiful dresses, she was also a talented princess. She could spend hours and hours drawing amazing pictures, and making birthday cards and Christmas cards.
With a pretty smile and a cheerful laughter, she charmed everyone who was lucky enough to meet her.IMG_20150803_183119She was a fish in water and a monkey on land, climbing everything and everywhere.
Sometimes Princess Fisefia would dress up in common clothes, and disguise herself wearing wigs. That way she could walk among the ordinary people, and no one would know who she really was.


Princess Fisefia is everyone’s favorite princess, and one day she will rule the island of cows and sheep. Until then I hope these socks I will keep her feet warm =).20150724_203946

I used leftover yarn, and this pattern to make these socks (the pattern is free). Originally they were meant for someone else, but there is no way anyone can resist her puppy eyes =). Socks are very easy to knit, when you have knitted countless pairs in the past. The only “problem” I had knitting these socks, was how the 4 different threads of yarn always tangled. You’ll need to factor in a little more time knitting these, just because you’ll need time to untangle every now and then =). Other than that, this was an easy pattern to follow, and the result was pretty awesome.

It’s her birthday at the end of this month, and Princess Fisefia has of course requested a knitted gift. Which she will get, she is my princess after all =).